Sunday, January 29, 2023



    Why The Right Lipstick Matte-rs!

    This Episode is In Partnership With AvonIn this episode I'm exploring the most amazing new lipstick launch from Avon with some of my favourite people. Hydramatic Matte is a worldwide first. It's a matte with an incredible hydrating core that makes it feel as smooth as silk. It also has great staying power and the most beautiful range of pigments.The episode starts with me and Bryony Blake chatting all things lipstick...what it means to us, our first memories of it, why it can be the ultimate confidence boost and even...



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    Obesity Action Scotland | Healthy Weight For All

    24 January 2023 The availability of data and the stories it tells are now some of the key drivers behind decision making in the modern world. In public health, it’s relied on to identify issues that determine people’s health outcomes and it’s also tested to show possible solutions. Although data may seem dull and one dimensional to some, those features are also its most powerful. Good data doesn’t lie. It doesn’t follow any political ideologies but instead it can reveal a situation in its most basic and true form. This...
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