Sunday, January 29, 2023

25 Best Glossier Products According to GLAMOUR Editors


If there’s one beauty brand that’s worth all the hype it gets, Glossier is it. Affordable, exceptionally diligent and photogenic as anything, every single one of their new launches immediately becomes a viral hit. And our list of the best Glossier products grows.

Cast your minds back to October 2014, when Emily Weiss launched the Gen-Z beauty brand of our dreams. It was born in response to consumer demand for beauty products that looked good in our makeup bags, but which delivered on a budget. And it delivered in both pursuits. The millennial pink bubble packaging became a speedy masterclass in world branding, and each blush, mascara, brow gel the ultimate antidote to a tired-looking complexion.

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For those who have never dipped their toe in Glossier waters, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to reveal the best Glossier products that GLAMOUR editors swear by. From skincare products like the Universal Pro-Retinol (which is formulated with a plant-based power complex of 0.5% Retinyl Sunflowerate that has been found to be less irritating than preceding retinoids yet just as efficacious over time), to makeup products like the brand’s number one bestseller, Boy Brow.

Recently we found Glossier’s first major foray into the interiors space, the Glossier You scented candle. It’s popularity was very much spearheaded by a cult TikTok following for the Glossier’s You perfume, which had a scent that captivated Gen-Zs everywhere. So much so that the brand couldn’t resist into creating a deodorant scent just like it.

Glossier’s latest launch comes in the form of a deodorant stick that’s recyclable, reusable and refillable. As well as the classic and You inspired scent, it also comes in Orange Blossom Neroli and in a brand new scent Sandstone, as well as the unscented option for those who like their skincare fragrance-free.

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