Hair heroes! Top products to rescue sun-baked summer locks

Hair can suffer at this time of the year, with sun and sea leaving it dry and unmanageable. But there are plenty of products designed to restore hair health in a matter of minutes. Here, we show you a selection of the best …

Remedy: We show you the best products around to tame your sun damaged tresses

Remedy: We show you the best products around to tame your sun damaged tresses



Elvive Full Restore 5  60-Second Saviour  (£4.99, nationwide)

This miracle-worker launched in June and has had great reviews from everyone who has tried it. Apply to damp hair after shampooing and leave on for a minute before rinsing. Leaves hair feeling totally revitalised and full of body.


Wella Professional Brilliance (£8.65,

Using a mask on a weekly basis will ensure your colour lasts and make your hair noticeably soft and glossy. This Wella treatment mask does both.


Operation Glam Glammunition Thickening Elixir  (£18,

Lulu’s hair product range has been specially formulated for those with very fine hair, but the products give an instant boost to anyone in need of a little more bounce and volume. The elixir contains high-tech polymers that coat the hair, making it look thicker. This also contains a vitamin peptide complex to help improve its condition.


Wella SP Repair Shampoo (£10.65) and Repair Mask (£17.25,

Denise Arnold, colour director at colour specialist salon FOUR London (020 7297 9600) finds the Wella SP Repair range perfect for restoring hair damaged through over-processing or bad colour application. The SP Repair Mask then puts moisture back, protecting your hair from further damage.

From left: Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Curls Cream, Elvive Full Restore 5  60-Second Saviour, Argan Oil Hair Treatment


John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hair Repair Conditioning Treatment (£5.89, Boots)

Deep conditioning treatment that is formulated for all shades of blonde to keep hair shiny and silky-looking. For best results, Nicola Clarke, creative colour director for the John Frieda brands, suggests using it twice a week. The intensive formula contains a tri-level protein complex which bonds to strands, repairing the surface texture and allowing even fragile hair to regain elasticity and shimmer with a healthy high-gloss finish.


Argan Oil Hair Treatment  (£9.99, Superdrug)

There’s been a real buzz about argan oil in hair products. It nourishes and revitalises dried-out hair, restoring shine to locks that have seen too many blow-dries. Some argan oil-enriched products are expensive, but at under £10, this is one of the best. Enriched with vitamin E, it will help smooth unwanted frizzies and provide extra protection, as well as reducing drying time by up to 50 per cent.


Denise McAdam Fight The Frizz Smoothing Serum (£3.80) and Conditioner (£3.50, Tesco)

These great value products with their eye-catching packaging from royal hairdresser Denise McAdam are as good as they look. The quality ingredients include a special blend of silk, wheatgerm oil and wheat protein, which coat every strand of hair with a protective conditioning and moisturising layer, leaving it protected, shiny and more manageable.

From left: Wella SP Repair Shampoo, L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Nature Douceur Shampoo, Denise McAdam Fight The Frizz Smoothing Serum


L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Nature Douceur Shampoo (£11.10) and mask (£14.80, phone 0845 6000 122 for stockists)

This silicone and paraben-free shampoo and mask are proven to tame the most unruly hair. They contain olive oil, which is well known as a nourishing ingredient and source of essential fatty acids, and rice bran oil, which has softening and controlling properties. Leaves hair smooth, shiny and soft.


Fishfixer Natural Hold Hairspray (£3.05, Boots)

This new spray from Fish is designed to help perfect big hair — as seen on Jennifer Lopez this summer. For best results, do that tried-and-trusted trick of tipping your head upside down, massaging hair at the crown and then spraying at the roots. You will not only have instant volume, your style will last longer, even on the most humid of days.


Davines OI/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion (£28.70, Selfridges Living Beauty and salons nationwide, phone 020 3301 5449 for stockists)

Perfect for this season’s sleek ponytails and ballerina buns, this multi-tasking oil styles and conditions hair instantly. Enriched with roucou oil sourced from the Amazon, it is designed to speed up drying time, add shine, detangle and  de-frizz. Use this on  towel-dry hair for quick, frizz-free drying.


From left: Wella Professional Brilliance, John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hair Repair Conditioning Treatment


John Frieda Luxurious Volume Blow Dry Lotion (£5.59, Boots)

Anything that saves time gets our vote. This blow-dry lotion works to lift hair at the roots for an immediate boost, cutting down on the time it takes to blow-dry and also protecting your hair from heat. The residue-free formula gives hold, incredible volume and root lift with long-lasting shine.


Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Curls Cream (£5.10, Boots)

This hero product (which had been discontinued) was brought back by popular demand in June this year. Trevor Sorbie’s range has been specially formulated for keeping curls soft and springy. This cream works best on dry hair and helps to define the curls and lock in moisture.

Artistic director Johanna  Cree-Brown recommends  using a wide-toothed comb to separate curls and, whenever possible, letting your hair  dry naturally.


The All Nighter Styling Powder (£19.75, victoria

Unlike most dry shampoos, this is also a styling product which helps build volume, absorb excess oil, freshen hair and extend your blow-dry. Gives body to limp, lifeless hair and eliminates the need for excessive washing. A clever product.


Bourjois 10 Days

Bourjois 10 Days Nail Polish (£5.99, Boots) promises not to chip for a minimum of three days and to last up to ten days. We put the polish to the test to see if it really does live up to its name…

  • I loved the angled brush, but found I had to touch up shade 21 (a deep red) after three days. It’s really easy to apply as the brush fits perfectly around the shape of the nail. I found that rather than chipping, the polish wore off, but after touch-ups I got about five days out of it. 9/10 (Sam Parsons, 40)
  • I thought the polish had a lovely consistency. It’s really quite thin, so much easier to apply than the thick, gloopy ones. I used shade 12, a pearly white, which was gorgeous. It lasted about four days without chipping, although the colour wore off the tips. With touch-ups I got another two days from it. 8/10 (Mischa Bowes, 35)
  • I loved the shade and the ease of application. I used 20, which is a true red, and it’s a beautiful shade. It looked really striking for the first couple of days, but I had to touch it up on day three as the colour is so vibrant. I’d definitely use it again as it goes on so well. 9/10 (Anne Ferguson, 61)
  • I tried shade 14, a dusky pink. It definitely lasted the three days and it didn’t chip. However, it did wear off —  but it was easy to put on another thin coat. I kept it on for eight days, and it still looked pretty good. 9/10 (Caroline King, 55)

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