Saturday, May 28, 2022

Big Life Changes, Skincare and Spirituality


In this episode of Outspoken Beauty I’m joined by Caggie Dunlop who you may remember from her Made In Chelsea days.

When I met Caggie we hit it off instantly and the resulting conversation is very open, quite raw in places and snort enducingly funny (well I think so anyway).

Join me and Caggie as we talk major life changes, sage burning, skincare, how people perceive you and much more. I tell a story involving my Mum and a maid’s outfit (yes it is as bad as it sounds but not quite as dodgy)

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Later on in the episode I share the results of my natural deoderant challenge. (I spent a hot, busy day wearing one natural deoderant under one arm and another under the other…all will be revealed! I also share my new skincare routine now that my skin is feeling less sensitive.

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Cher will be back for our mid-week episode xx

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