P.E. Nation’s unisex collection proves gender is no barrier to style

Activewear seems to be our uniform of choice, especially now with more Australians than ever working from home. P.E. Nation has taken this concept up a notch, launching a unisex collection online that aims to unify the genders. Because we all want to look good. 

P.E. Nation co-founders, and pals, Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning aren’t afraid to try something new. Even though the aesthetic of their now globally stocked activewear brand remains the same, their myriad of creative ventures are always testing new boundaries with customers – whether it’s launching a swimwear capsule with Speedo, or venturing into the world of denim, or collaborating with high street giant H&M. So we weren’t surprised to see the P.E. girls blurring the traditional lines of mens and womenswear by launching a unisex collection. Which conveniently launches online. Today.

Titled UNI-form, the collection speaks to exactly what we want to be wearing right now – relaxed separates in modern, streetwear-inspired shapes; perfect for when you’re working at home but still want to feel ‘dressed’ for that pesky work Zoom call.

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Menswear became the aesthetic touch stone for creating a capsule that worked for both genders, with the duo leaning on the popularity – for both men and women – of oversized shapes for ‘off-duty’ wardrobes. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a touch of lycra for loyalists of the brand’s logo-emblazoned leggings and bike shorts.

I spoke to the pair prior to the collection’s launch, and quizzed them on the decision to use non-models (including their own loved ones) in the collection’s lookbook, the inspiration behind a unisex range, and their personal picks from the range…

Alison Izzo: Why prompted you to design a unisex range?

Pip Edwards: Men have been buying into the brand for quite some time now, and so we decided to make it official to welcome them to the Nation. At a time where inclusivity, and supporting the community is key, it’s so awesome to now offer product to suit men, women, of varying ages, to be a part of our PE community.

AI: What inspired the look of the range?

PE: Oversized hoodies, and relaxed trackies speak to our current way of life. To be comfortable, and practical yet fashionable is more important than ever. It’s so exciting to be introducing organic cotton for the hoodies and trackies and hemp cotton for the tees. Hemp cotton is our current fabrication of choice as we are well into our sustainable journey, and push to really keep achieving our sustainable goals.

AI: Did you run into any difficulties, design-wise, creating pieces that would work for both men and women?

PE: Fits were based on standard menswear fits and now as we are so used to leisurewear – given our new lifestyle direction and stay at home/work from home situations – women are comfortable wearing more oversized, slouchy fits.

AI: You’ve featured a diverse cast of ‘non-model’ talent in the lookbook – what do these people mean to the P.E. Nation brand?

PE: We did not cast these people. They are friends and family of the brand. They are uniquely known in their respective fields, and authentically represent who they are and what they do, and we are proud to have such talented incredible friends who share the same passion behind the message of inclusivity and community and the fact that even though as individuals are recognised, we are actually stronger when we stand together.

It was so special for me to include my son Justice and for Claire to have her husband, as this is a reflection of the family support, and the strong loyal community behind the brand. No matter what background, what age, what industry, or what code of sport, we are all united by our connection and a common thread. We’re so proud that P.E Nation could bring this together, visually.

AI: What is their favourite piece in the collection?

PE: All three hoodies are my pick, and the olive khaki tee !!!!!

Claire Tregoning: My fave piece is the purple hoodie, for sure.

AI: What will be the best selling piece in the collection?

PE: The purple hoodie will be the winner!!!!!

CT: Purple hoodie, or khaki tee – though they are all such wearable and versatile pieces; I think they will resonate with people’s individual style and sell equally as well.

Spot something you like? The entire P.E. Nation UNI-form collection is available to shop via the brand’s website, now.

All products featured in this article are selected by our editors, who don’t play favourites. If you buy something, we may get a cut of the sale.

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