Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Melissa Wood’s Go-To Nighttime Routine For Great Sleep

First things first: Wood sets the tone for sleep by dimming the lights. Just as getting morning light can help you wake up in the morning, dimming the lights in the evening signals to your body that it's time to start winding down."Anything and everything that I can do to make sure that I get a really good seven to eight hours is crucial, and that comes with winding myself down," Wood says. She adds that she'll also sometimes put on ambient meditation music and make a cup of calming...
Self Help

7 Ways To Wear Less Makeup This Summer Only Using Concealer

Using a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone is great for brightening the under eyes, but it’s not going to perform well if you’re going otherwise makeup-free. Your skin likely runs a few shades deeper in the summer, as your face is more exposed to UV rays on the daily, which can make a too-light concealer read flat.Rather, it’s worth taking the time to assess your closest shade match and spot conceal strategic areas: Use the concealer under your eyes and add a single dot of the...

Letters, June 9: ‘Justin and Jagmeet just letting the dumpster fire keep burning’

Article content ON YOU, JUSTINIt seems as though gasoline prices are constantly going up on a weekly or daily basis. We are now perilously close to $2 per litre. I wonder whether anyone knows how much of the pricing is attributable to Justin Trudeau’s marvellous carbon levy once we hit the magic $2 mark. Trudeau’s flagrant and wanton abuse of Canadian citizens and the economy (remember “the budget will balance itself”) should, in the minds of the electorate, qualify the bum for a role as dog catcher and his evil...
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