The secret behind TV host Carissa Walford’s unique wellness routine

Life as the host of your own TV show is crazy. It’s easy to waylaid by the superficial stuff and end up completely losing yourself. That’s why Carissa Walford has been working towards perfecting a wellness routine that brings her back down to earth.

In pursuit of that, the 30-year-old has been practicing esoteric healing for the past three years, working to clear negative energy to allow the body to heal itself. However, it was only recently that she began to build on that knowledge, discovering “how crystals are used to really enhance and balance out my energy.”

“The benefits are truly incredible,” she told

Now she’s making up for lost time by making sure she always has a few crystals close at hand. A personal favourite is citrine, which is known to help with creative blocks and bringing more abundance to life.

Carissa also never leaves the house without her crystal infused drink bottle. It combines rose and clear quartz to “attract love, heal vertigo and restore confidence.”

Another staple in her wellness routine is her S.O.S essential oil blend which the TV host said is “perfect in between meetings to calm the mind and body – it brings me back to neutral.”

The 30-year-old also swears by Venustus’s Aries essential oil blend. The addictive blend encourages Carissa to dream big and work to leave her mark on the world. The fact that its matched to her star sign is just icing on the cake.

She’s also a big fan of their OM Massage, which works to slow down the nervous system, relaxing and calming the mind. “This massage really brings me back to my body and out of my head,” she recalled.

Sounds pretty good to us.

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